Collection: Cactus

About Cactus

Cactus plants are often confused with other succulent plants. Cacti are succulents with woody or herbaceous stalks containing chlorophyll. Water is stored in the fleshy stem of the plant and photosynthesis takes place. Cactus plants, unlike other succulents, have cushion-like pores on the surface of their branches. Cacti exist in various forms and sizes, and some even have colorful flowers. If you plan to add succulents to your indoor plant collection cactus plants are the best. You can plant different types of cactus plants to bring some change to your home decor.

Many cacti have sharp spines, while some have no spines at all. In addition, some cacti have attractive features such as golden flowers, white hair, or quirky forms. Cacti are also low-maintenance plants that grow slowly and require little breeding, pruning, feeding, or watering. The cost of a cactus plant is also relatively easy on your pocket yet provides an expensive touch to the interior decoration.