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Sedum Rubrotinctum (Bare Rooted)

Sedum Rubrotinctum (Bare Rooted)

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  • Bare Rooted


Sedums rubronoticum that have been cultivated for thousands of years. They are native to tropical regions around the world and are often grown as houseplants. Sedums are known for their unique appearance and vibrant colors. They are low maintenance plants and require little water once established. They show red colors on winters .

  1. Soil Requirements

Sedums prefer a well-drained soil that is rich in humus and composted manure. If you live in a humid area, add peat moss to the mix. You may need to amend the soil with additional fertilizer if you notice any yellowing or wilting.

  1. Watering

Water regularly throughout the day to keep the soil moist. Avoid over watering; allow the soil to dry out between waterings.

  1. Fertilizer

You do not need to use fertilizer unless you notice any yellowing of the leaves. A good rule of thumb is to apply half of what you would normally use for a houseplant.

  1. Light

Sedums require bright indirect sunlight and should never be placed under direct sunlight.

  1. Temperature

Sedums thrive at temperatures between 65°F and 85°F (18°C and 30°C).

  1. Propagation

Propagate sedums using cuttings or seed. Cuttings can be taken from the base of the stem. Seedlings take about 4 weeks to germinate.


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Care Tips

1. After recieveing the plants open the box 📦 as soon as possible .

2. ⁠Air dry the plants for 2-3 hours on fresh air .

3. ⁠Plant in well drained soil . ( 30%sand + 30% soil + 20% vermicompost + 20% perlite ) .

4. ⁠Water plants after 2-3 days and don’t give direct sunlight to newly planted succulents for at least 10 days .

Note: Always water succulents when top layer of soil feels dry in roots of plant rather than leaves .


Plants without pots will be sent bare rooted. Free delievery above Rs 199 .

Refund Policy

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