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BLACK ALOE (Bare Rooted)

BLACK ALOE (Bare Rooted)

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Black aloevera is a succulent with stems that hold leaves of bright green, translucent and succulent. While it does not have true leaves, it does have small green or white cyst flowers that bloom from mid-summer until frost occurs. The plant’s leaves will grow long and narrow before splitting into multiple legs. Black aloe requires great light, warmth and humidity to survive. It is often grown as part of a larger collection of houseplants so you can keep it indoors where temperatures are above freezing in most areas year-round .

Black Aloe requires a lot of light (bright light), it also needs to be watered regularly and should never be allowed to dry out, especially in winter. In the summer, trees may need protection from heat and light loss by placing a piece of glass on top of the plant for the first six weeks. During the winter months, citrus tree bark can be used to protect them from daytime temperatures as high as 35°C. Black Aaloe is not suitable for outdoor landscaping but may be used indoors or in shaded areas. They are grown against a sunny wall or window with good air circulation. If plants are purchased directly from the nursery or online they usually come with soil included, if you want you can bring your own potting mix or use soil from another succulent species such as Cactus or Nephthytis .


Common name : Black akoevera

Plant height : 3- 4 inches

Family : crassullaceae

Soil : well drained potting soil containing 30 % sand + 30 % soil + 10 % gravel + 15 % vermicompost + 15 % perlite

Watering requirements : Avoid overwatering the plant to prevent root rot in succulents . Water should be applied on pot bottom in the soil instead of plant .

Sunlight : Full sun to partial sun at least 4- 6 hours of sunlight per day should be provided . Generally morning and evening sulight is preferred in case of succulents . Day light can cause sunburn in plants .

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Care Tips

1. After recieveing the plants open the box 📦 as soon as possible .

2. ⁠Air dry the plants for 2-3 hours on fresh air .

3. ⁠Plant in well drained soil . ( 30%sand + 30% soil + 20% vermicompost + 20% perlite ) .

4. ⁠Water plants after 2-3 days and don’t give direct sunlight to newly planted succulents for at least 10 days .

Note: Always water succulents when top layer of soil feels dry in roots of plant rather than leaves .


Plants without pots will be sent bare rooted. Free delievery above Rs 199 .

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