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How to Grow Tomato Seeds

The botanical name of tomato is Solanum lycopersicum . Tomato is one such vegetable which is mostly used in the kitchen. In this article we will tell you how to plant tomato seeds in a pot at home? By following some of our simple tips, you can enjoy juicy, delicious ripe tomatoes by growing tomatoes from seed at home. Read this article completely to know how to grow and care for tomato seeds.

Tomato Seeds Growing Information –

Tomatoes seeds growing condition :
Important information related to growing tomato seeds is as follows:

  1. Season (seed time) All year round (mainly warm weather)
  2. sowing depth about 1/4 to 1/2 inch deep
  3. Soil loamy soil with drainage and organic manure
  4. temperature for seed germination 21 °C to 27 °C temperature
  5. sunshine Full light (about 6 hours)
  6. germination time about 7 to 14 days
  7. Harvesting Time in about 2-3 months

Best Time to Plant Tomatoes Seeds :

It is possible to grow tomato seeds in a favorable temperature of 21 °C to 27 °C throughout the year. To get better results, you can sow tomato seeds in the months of June-July, October-November and January.

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Best Seed for Growing Tomatoes :

You can buy good quality tomato seeds by ordering from your nearest seed shop or online at . To buy seeds online, click here.

Best soil for sowing Tomatoes seeds :

Soil for Sowing Tomato Seeds - Best soil for sowing Tomatoes seeds 
The following are useful soils for planting tomato seeds:

  1. Loamy soil with high fertility and good drainage.
  2. Tomato seeds are best planted in soils with a pH of 6.0 to 6.8 .

To make the soil more useful, you can add rotted cow dung , vermi compost or organic manure to the soil .
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Method of Planting Tomato Seeds – 

Follow these steps to plant tomato seeds:

  1. Take a pot or pot that is 12 x 12 inches or more deep .
  2. Fill the pot with useful soil. When soil is filled 3 inches from top should remain empty .
  3. Plant the seeds inch deep in the center of the pot's soil.
  4. Cover the seed well with a layer of soil.

Give enough water in the form of a fountain in the pot that the moisture remains.

In How Many Days Do Tomato Seeds Germinate –

It may take about 7 to 14 days for tomato seeds to germinate.
The germination time of seeds may be more or less affected by the surrounding environment and the quality of the seed.

Tomato Plant Care -

Tomato plant can get damaged due to lack of sunlight or due to excessive sunlight, so keep in mind that the plant gets 6-8 hours of sunlight daily.
Due to lack of water, the tomato plant can be destroyed when it dries up, so keep watering it from time to time if needed.
To increase the growth of tomatoes, use organic manure in it.
The plant needs support as it grows, so support it with wood if needed.
To increase the growth of tomato plant, use cow dung manure or vermi compost .
Check the plant regularly.
To protect tomato plants from pests, you can spray the plants with neem oil or a suitable insecticide.

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