Succulent & Cactus Potting Mix

Which Is Best Soil Mix For Succulents ?

When we talk about plants growth and development the first thing for better growth of plants which is required is soil . The soil play an important role in growth and development of plants as majority of nutrients absorbed by plants from soil in the form of cations and anions .

We use regular potting mix for succulents which involves the following :
1. sand ( 30% ) , gravel (10 % ) , vermicompost ( 20 % ) , soil ( 20 % ) and perlite (20% )

2 . Cinder ( 70 % ) + Vermicompost ( 30 % )

3. Sand ( 40 % ) + vermicompost ( 30 % ) + perlite ( 10% ) + soil (. 20 % )

If you are planning to grow your plants in a good potting mixture make sure it is well drained and there is no overflow of water in the soil . Perlite should be added in soil as it's add aeration and adds drainage to soil and make the soil light .


Complete organic potting soil should be used in case of succulents and cacti as harmful chemicals affect the plants and nature .


Soil should dry out completely between watering periods otherwise the plant will rot . Hard pan of soil also cause damage to plants leading to death of plants .
Avoid using the minerals that have water in them like vermiculite which is a good water absorber .
Soil should not be wet for long time as excessive moisture leads to falling of plants leaves which imparts the beauty of plants .

How to use soil mix:

1. Choose the pot with good drainage holes or if holes are not available make sure to make the holes in the pot .

2. Fill the pot with the appropriate mixture and just fill it to half .

3. Place plant in centre of pot .
4. Fill up the rest potting mix with plants .
5. Water the plant and allow proper time to drain .

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