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What is Bone Meal and why is it important for Plants?

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If you plant flowers or fruits in your homes or gardens and your plant is not showing any kind of growth, that is, flowers are not coming in the plant or new leaves are not coming out, then you can use this bonemeal. In which there are many nutrients which prove to be beneficial to give full growth to your plant, so let's know the complete information about this bonemeal.

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What is bonemeal? bone meal in english

Bone meal, as the name suggests, is a powder of bones prepared by boiling and grinding the bones of many dead animals or birds to make fertilizer, which is used to increase the ability of many plants to flower or fruit. And this is done to give full growth of plants, so let us now know their benefits-
bone meal in english

Benefits of bonemeal | Benefits of Bonemeal :

Bonemeal is bone powder, due to which it contains a lot of phosphorus, calcium and protein, besides it contains very little amount of nitrogen, due to which its use is beneficial for the plant.

1. To strengthen the roots of the plant

There are many plants in which the roots become weak and break due to many reasons, due to which the plant also dies, but if you use bonemeal in such a plant, it increases the roots of your plant and strengthens it. very beneficial for your plant

2. To increase or increase the flowering of a plant

Even if your plant is not flowering or it is coming in very less quantity, then you can use this bonemill, this bonemill increases the ability of your plant to flower, so that your plant is full of flowers. Taxes come and flowers do not even break from the plant.

3. For new leaves and new stems

If new leaves or new branches of sticks are not coming in your plant, then you can use this bone mill in your plant, which will prove to be very beneficial for the growth of the leaves, stems and the whole plant.

4. To strengthen the stem of the plant

If your plants are very weak, their stem is very delicate, then you can use this bonemill, it contains very little nitrogen and phosphorus in very high amounts, due to which it makes the stem and roots of the plant strong.

5. To remove insects or fungus

If you have more insects or fungus in your plant, you can still use this bone mill, by using it, the chances of getting insects or fungus in the plant are greatly reduced.

6. Keep Animals Away

If your plant is harmed by an animal like a dog or cat, you can still use it.

7. For full growth of the plant

If you want your plant to remain green, strong, good flowers and good flowers, then you must use this bone mill, it contains phosphorus, protein and calcium, which is much better for the good health of the plant.
How to use Bonemeal
You can use Bonemeal 3 times a month in winter season and between one and a half to 2 months in other seasons.
To put in the bonemeal plant, first bring bonemeal powder and sprinkle it in the amount of two to three spoons in the roots of the plant and then sprinkle water from above, now whenever you will sprinkle water in this way, then it will slowly- Slowly it will get into the roots and will give many benefits along with the strength of the roots of the plants.
where to buy bonemeal
To buy bonemeal, you can easily buy it in any seed shop or nursery, apart from this, you can also buy it online if you want.
What to do if Bonemill Powder is infested with Worms
If you have stored your bonemeal powder and got a worm in it, then do not panic, put some neem cake in it and leave it to dry in the sun for 1 day and now after that you can use bonemeal in plants.

Disadvantages of Bonemeal Fertilizer

There are many people who say that adding an overdose of it does not cause any side effects, whereas it is not so if you add Bonemeal Fertilizer Overdose, it can also make the pH level of your soil alkaline instead of acidic, so that the leaves of your plant. The creeper can also turn yellow, whenever you use Bonemeal fertilizer, do not use more than two to three spoons and use only after one and a half to 2 months after using once.

How to Make Bonemeal Powder at Home

1. To make bonemeal powder at home, first collect 10 to 12 egg shells because that is how we are going to make bonemeal powder
2. Wash all the under skins thoroughly and dry them in the sun for a day
3. After drying, make a fine powder by cutting it into small pieces and put it in your mixer machine.
4. Keep in mind that all the pieces should be finely powdered because if the piece remains then ants can get in it.
5. Your Bonemeal powder is ready to use once it is completely powdered
6. To use it, first by adding two to three spoons of eggs i.e. bonemeal powder to the soil near the roots of the plant and mix it.
7. Now sprinkle a light amount of water from above
8. Can put it once a month
9. If an ant comes after pouring this bone mill powder, then put neem oil in it, it will run away the letters.
10. This bonemeal powder also contains a good amount of calcium, phosphorus, potassium and protein, which is very beneficial for your plant.
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