String Of Pearls


String of pearls are succulents plants having pea like foliage which looks very beautiful when kept at ones house . The leaves are fleshy and filled with water inside them . They are easy to grow and low maintenance plants that can be cultivated as both indoor and outdoor . They form the vines when grow in hanging baskets and big pots  which glorifies the beauty of ones balcony . It is also called as string of beads , string of peas and belong to family asteracea3

e . Some people believes that the white flowers of string of pearls smells like that of cinnamon .The blooming period of plant lasts for about one month . It is considered as toxic so should be kept away from children and pets .

Common Name     String of pearls, string of beads, string of peas, rosary vine
Botanical Name Curio rowleyanus
Family Asteraceae
Plant Type Succulent
Mature Size 1-2 ft. tall,
Sun Exposure Full, partial
Soil Type Sandy, well-drained
Soil pH Neutral to acidic
Bloom Time Summer
Flower Color White


PROPER : care should be given to the plants effectively from time to time and a single plant can survive upto 4-5 years and if we propogate the plants by stem cuttings we can keep them alive to infinite time . string of pearls is growing Importance nowadays due to its pea like shape and its beauty . Its root take very less time to develop and we can develop multiple plants from its stem cuttings and also bushy plants can be developed  by planting multiple cutting in a single pot.


If the plants leaves are scattering to flattened rather than spherical it’s a clear indication that the plants need more water .Watering should be done to the plants once in 7 -10 days in summer and about a month in winters  . These are drought resistant plants that cannot thrive in very much amount of wet soil. Make sure you don’t overwater the plants which is the major cause of killing the plant. Check out the top layer of soil ( 0.5 inch of soil ) if its dry the plant  requires the water if not there is no need to water the plant.


Best temperature favourable for succulents is from 21 degree celsius to 28 degree celsius . This plant cannot tolerate the frost so we have to keep it indoors during winter conditions .  Low humidity is favorable for the plant so it should be kept away from the person kitchen or bathroom . Dry air doesn’t harm the plant in any way .


String of pearls do best when they are kept in direct morning sunlight and indirect daylight inside the room or the balcony. They require nearly 6 to 8 hours of sunlight daily .


Succulents requires a well drained soil that must be porous . shallow pots are good for plants since plants have very small roots. Soil should be 3 part of good potting soil and one part of sand . Don’t keep the soil wet it can cause the rotting of the plant resulting in its death.


Succulents don’t need too much fertilizer they need it in very little amount once in 2-3weeks while in winters during their dormant period fertilizer application should be done once in 6 weeks . 

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