Spider plant : Grow and care tips

Spider plant : Grow and care tips

It is a good thing that you do not have a lattice spider in your house, but if it is not a spider, then bring it today, we are talking about spider plant. Today we will learn about spider plant care and its health benefits.

Spider plant is very easy to plant and its tantrums are also less and can maintain itself beautiful in almost every kind of condition.

Introduction to Spider Plant

Botanically its name is Chlorophytum Comosum, its new baby plants which are called spiderettes, their texture looks like spider, that is why its most popular name is spider plant, apart from this it is also called by these names –

Airplane Plant

Ribbon Plant

Spider Ivy

You may be surprised to know that it is a flowering plant and is a plant of the Asparagaceae family.

It is a plant of tropical areas, which has now adapted itself according to the whole world.

Benefits of Spider Plant

1 Impact on health  

Spider plant and some other indoor plants are kept in the rooms of patients in hospitals, it is often seen that patients living in these rooms are able to make quicker recovery than those patients who live in rooms without these plants.

2 Safe for Pets

In the plants we keep indoors, we must see that any plant is safe for Pets or not, in this case Spider Plant is absolutely safe for your Dogs and Cats.

3 Air Purifier Air Purifier Plant

Spider plant is considered to be a very effective natural air purifier. In the year 1989, a list of about 1 dozen plants was released by NASA, according to which these plants are capable of absorbing these toxic gases –

carbon monoxide




nitrogen dioxide


Apart from this, it also absorbs the particulate matter present in the air which can weaken it by going into our lungs, and keeps providing you clean air.

Where to get

It can be found all season at the nursery near you. If the nursery is not available then you can order the nursery person to get the spider plant for you. 1 plant should be found between 80 to 100 rupees.

If you can not find it on nursery then you can look online. There are many online Plant Stores which deliver plants with good packing. Online you may find it a bit expensive.

Apart from this, you can also demand its new Pups from a friend or neighbor. Nowadays people join facebook groups and exchange plants on them in which they take only Delivery Charges, you must also see this option.

How to prepare soil : 

Soil used for any simple kitchen gardening can be used. In which you must pay attention to good Drainage and Aeration.

To put in the hanging basket, you can make a mixture by mixing equal amounts of cocoate, sand and compost.

How to Plant a New Spider Plant

Apart from the nursery, you can prepare the plant by planting Pups or Spiderettes from the old plant in a new pot. New Pups coming out of the spider plant

Apart from this, with time and with the growth of leaves, new tubers are formed in the soil.

When the plant becomes compact enough in the pot, it can be divided so that new plants can be prepared by themselves or can also be gifted to someone.

spider plant care


In case of sunlight, it adjusts itself very easily anywhere. Spider plant likes bright light if you keep it on the east, west, or north side, especially near the windows of these directions, it is best for them.

Apart from this, it grows well even in low light, only its color changes slightly.

It can remain in artificial light without any problem, but after a few weeks you can keep it in sunlight for a few days. 


The water requirement of this plant is also limited i.e. here also you do not have to worry much. Its demand for water is average or less than that, which means that whenever the soil of this plant starts looking dry, then it has to be watered.

Water demand may be more or less depending on the average temperature of your home and the location of the plant. Generally it is right to water it after 10 to 15 days, but keep checking the soil in between.

To give water, you can immerse the entire pot or Hanging Basket in a bucket and leave it for a few minutes, this will drain the water well in the whole pot.

 fertilizer chemicals

Once in a year, 2 inches of soil can be removed from the top and mixed with equal amount of compost, you can put it again in pots.

Apart from this, give any Organic Liquid Fertilizer 2-3 times a year especially in summer.


Keep checking the plants from time to time so that any kind of insect can be detected before their number increases.

Mealybugs are often seen on spider plants, a variety of sprays can be used to avoid them.

Special tips

It is constantly recommended to plant the spider plant as a hanging plant, in the hanging basket, you can enhance the beauty of the house by placing it on the entrance of the house, in the living room, in the balcony and many other places.

Apart from this, on the window sill or on the TV cabinet, where light sunlight comes, you can keep it in designer pots.

Hope you find this information very useful and you will soon bring spider plant to your home and breathe pure air. Happy Gardening

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