How to care portulaca


Portulaca :

Portulaca Grandifloria is a ground cover plant which is low growing commonly called as sunrose or moss rose . The plant is native to Brazil. The plant are easy to grow and taken care of and can be easily propagated by the cuttings and hundreds of flowers can be made from single plant by means of propagation. It is annual or perrineal short lived succulent having fresh foliage with variety of colours . Plant the plant in a bright sunlight area so that it get proper light requirement .

It is one of the best plant that fills up the pot easily when applied to the pot and the propogation is relatively easy compared to other plants .

How to care portulaca :

Portulaca plants any kind of soil but mostly prefer sandy well drain soil with full sunlight . The plants are known for their high heat and tolerance mechanism.
This plant is spread themselves very well while seeds and cuttings and through propagation .

This blood does not have to require enough amount of water. Cylindrical full age of flower retain a very good amount of moisture and no regular water is needed . The plant once water can retain amount of water for their survival if the water is upright to the roots as the root zone is very shallow .

Party lookup flowers are very beautiful in garden and landscaping condition for the gardens and used to beautify once house cafe restaurants etc. Be ready in different patch of colors from beautiful colors like pink red yellow orange cream white lavender etc. If the plans are planted in hanging baskets they’ve beautifies the show of your garden and attract butterflies and other insects which help them in pollination . To start the plant to a new location we can start growing of plant by adding some amount of cocopeat and sand and some amount of vermicompost .

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