Care and Maintenance Tips for Succulents Plant


Succulents are beautiful indoor and outdoor plants that add beauty to our garden and also to our office desk and tables . Succulents leaves are fleshy and thick and contain water inside them with its fullest . Whether it’s an echieveria or a haworthia one must know how to care for these plants . Here are some of the guidance tips for you about how to care for these plants .

Ample amount of sunlight conditions :

Succulents love about 6-7 hours of sunlight under daily light conditions . You can introduce them to full sunlight to impart the colours in them and not making them  green . The plants get green in colour if not kept in sunlight and starts to lose its varigation when kept away from light conditions and bend itself toward light thua losing its shape .

Water accordingly to succulents :

When it comes to the succulent plants the watering is one of the crucial step to know about the condition of plant . Water the plants only if the top layer of soil of the plant is dried so the plants doesn’t get rotten . Most common problem comes in succulent is about watering is root root which is the severe problem of loss of plants in case of succulents .

Water directly on soil not on leaves :

The plants should be watered directly on the soil not on leaves because if the plant is watered on the leaves it will cause the leaves to call down due to excessive moisture in plants .

Keep plants clean :

To maintain the beauty of the succulent plants always keep the plants clean . If they get dirt from the environment always use moist cloth or brush to clean the succulents.

Use well drained mix :

It is advisable to use terracota pots for beginners with a good will drained potting mix for the succulents to shrive . Succulent cannot survive if the proper mixture is not used in the plants . Drainage hole in the pots are the best to remove excess of water from the plants . These plants are easy to maintain and take care . Cactus and succulent potting mix of best to plant these succulents with good amount of perlite and pumice in them .

Precautions from bugs and insects :

The problem of bugs and gnats not arrive frequently on succulents but can arrive from time to time if the proper drainage conditions not in pots and the soil is wet . To protect the plants from bugs and insects always use 70 % iso propyl alcohol.

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