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Crassula Plant:-

Today we will tell you about such a plant Crassula Plant in Hindi which if you plant it in your house then money will start raining. By planting this plant in your house, money is going to rain, money gets pulled towards your house. This plant attracts money like a magnet. Today we will give complete information about this plant, how to plant this plant, what are its benefits, how to take care of it, in which direction to plant this plant.

Miraculous Remedies of Crassula :

Everyone wishes to have a lot of wealth. For this, he also works hard, but sometimes the fruits of hard work do not get as much as they should. That's why people do Vastu remedies in their house. Although the talk of setting up a money plant is said to increase wealth, but very few people know that it works even more. Crassula Plant Crassula Plant in Hindi.

Although trees and plants have a lot of importance in Indian Vastu Shastra, but Chinese Vastu Shastra Feng Shui also has a lot of importance. Most of the people in the city plant Crassula plant for wealth and wealth. Although hard work is the only way to get wealth, but it happens that people do a lot of hard work but they do not get success and money remains in the house. So friends, the reason for this can also be Vastu defect.

Crassula Plant :

Crassula plant is a small beautiful plant that is native to South Africa and is easily found all over the world. Crassula plant is also known by other names like Crassula Ovata, Friendship Tree, Lucky Plant, Money Plant, Jade Plant. People consider this jade plant to be very lucky, hence it is also called lucky plant. And people believe that by planting this plant in the house, it rains money, hence it is also called Money Plant.

Crassula Plant is commonly known as Jade Plant, Friendship Tree, Lucky Plant, Money Plant, Crassula Ovata ( Also known as Crassula Ovata Plant. This plant is a succulent plant with small pink or white flowers. It is a native plant native to South Africa and is available all over the world as a house plant. Crassula plant is an evergreen plant.

Its branches are thick and the leaves are smooth, round, which grow in opposite pairs on the branches, the leaves are dark jade green, at the beginning of the spring of Crassula plant (Crassula Money Plant) small white or pink flowers bloom, which are visible. I look very attractive and beautiful too

Crassula Plant Care : 

Crassula Plant Care:

Crassula Plant Crassula Plant looks beautiful and feels velvety to touch, but its leaves are as strong as it looks velvety in appearance. Crassula Plant Care does not require much care.

If you water it two or three times in a week, it does not dry up, as well as Crassula plant does not require much space, it can also be planted in a small pot, it can be planted anywhere in the sun or shade. It is possible to give water to this money plant at the time of cold, only if the soil dries up a little, it can also be planted in a small pot, it can be planted anywhere in the sun or shade go

  • According to Fengsui Vastu Shastra, the Crassula plant keeps giving positive energy and removes negative energy and also reduces the Vastu defects of the house.
  • Crassula plant removes mental diseases and this plant can increase the productivity of a person by up to 15%
  • By planting the Crassula plant indoors, sweetness increases in the relationship and the white flowers of the Crassula plant increase the positivity and love feeling in the mind.
  • Crassula plant removes estrangement between husband and wife and increases love between them.

According to a research, the stress level is reduced by planting a plant of Crassula, so such plants should be planted in the office.

Which insect infests the Crassula plant?

Although the plant of Crassula (jade plant in Hindi) has fewer insects, but the worm that is found is a mealybug (a kind of small white worm), this worm causes distortion in the development of the plant.

Where to buy crassulla plant :

You can buy Crassula Plants from your nearby nursery, but while buying a Crassula plant, one thing should be kept in mind that the Crassula plant should be real, many people sell some other plant as a Crassula plant.

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