How to grow money plant

How To Grow and Care For Money Plant

Whether there is a plant in your house or not, there must be a plant of money plant. Knowing the ' benefits of money plant ', you will get it from somewhere today.

This is the oldest plant in the homes of Indians, with which we used to decorate the houses. If you remember, many people used to plant it in wine bottles and in boxes even in bulbs. 

It is the only plant that brings greenery to your home, brings happiness, spreads like a creeper, becomes a hanging plant, takes the tower shape in a pot, decorates the house, and blows the air. It also purifies and most importantly, in return for all this, it does not even ask for anything more from you.

Let's know a little more about money plant

Introduction to Money Plant

You will be surprised to know that Money Plant is considered to be the native plant of French Polynesia Island which is near the International Date Line and is a very small group of islands between the two continents of America and Australia-Asia.

Its actual name is Epipremnum Aureum (Epi-prem-num and -ayum), although it has received many names over time and place.

Some of the popular names around the world are Golden Pothos, Ceylon Creeper, Taro Vine.

It is known as Money Plant in Asia especially in South East Asia . Some people believe that it got this name due to the shape of its leaves like coins, although I don't think its leaves resemble the shape of coins, do you think?

Yes, there is definitely a story in which a Korean or Chinese person prays to God to get rid of his poverty.

One morning he sees a money plant plant in his field, brings it to his house and plants it in a pot. After a few days, his financial condition starts getting better and within a year he becomes very wealthy.

Since then it is believed that whoever plants this plant at his home will get wealth and prosperity, this story seems more correct behind its name.

 Benefits of setting up a money plant

Money Plant is also named in the list, it purifies the air of the house by absorbing many toxic gases and particles. That is why it is preferable to put it inside the house, in the offices.

 Decorate Home with Money Plant

According to Vastu and Fengsui, money plant is a plant that brings happiness and prosperity in the house, by planting it in the house, positive vibes remain in the house and luck keeps shining.

Money plant can be planted in many ways, can be changed in many ways. This is a very ideal plant to decorate the house, this is one such plant, due to not being too dependent on sunlight, you can decorate any place or corner of the house with money plant.

Ideal conditions for money plant


Money plant grows well at a temperature above 15 degree C, in extreme cold its leaves start turning yellow and spots appear in the leaves.


Moderate sunlight is best for money plant, it has some problem in growing in a very dark place or a place with very strong direct sunlight. If Partial Sun Light is available then it is better for it.

By the way, the money plant does not kill the plant under any circumstances, but it does make a difference in its color. Wherever there is no sun light, then there must be light of bulb or tube light.


In summer, watering twice a day would be appropriate, whereas in winters, it can be given twice a week or it can be given by looking at the top layer of the soil. If there is moisture on the top layer then watering is not required, if some dryness, a small amount of water can be given.


While watering, water the entire plant from above as much as possible, that is, give the plant a bath, this will keep the leaves looking clean and shiny.



How To Grow Money Plant

Where to get

By the way, you can get the money plant plant by plucking it from anywhere, otherwise you can also order it from any nursery or online.

There is also a very old belief that stealing money plant from someone and putting it in your house brings good luck or good luck, then you can also adopt this method.


Manure or Vermi Compost (40%), Garden Soil (30%) and cocopeat (30%) can be used to grow Money Plant, in which Drainage and Aeration have been taken care of.


You can use plastic or ceramic basket according to how you want to put the money plant and where you want to keep it. You have to keep in mind that there must be at least 2 – 3 Holes in the Pot.

If the size of the pot is large, it is obvious that the plant will grow well and it will help in producing a lot of vines, however, it grows in a pot of every size .

How to Make Money Plant Cuttings

It is very easy to plant the cutting of Money Plant, while breaking its cutting, all you have to keep in mind is that along with the leaf, there must be a Node or Aerial Root in it. There can be 2 ways to plant money plant, first in soil and second in water only.

Money plant cuttings in soil

Plant this cutting in a small pot filled with good soil mix.

Place the node inside the soil, from which new roots will emerge. Put so much water in the soil that water starts coming out of the hole. Now keep the pot in a shady place and keep it moist. It may take more than a month for the new bandages to arrive.

Money plant cuttings in water only

The most important thing about money plant is that it can be planted in a bottle or jar without soil only in clean water. If you take a little long vine to plant in this way, it will be right so that the plant looks beautiful in the bottle or jar.

You just have to put the cutting in a bottle filled with water, in 15 to 20 days the roots will start appearing in the cutting. If you want, take it out and put it in a pot, otherwise you can decorate the house by keeping it in a bottle too.

Keep changing this water in a week or 10 days, whenever change the water, dust the roots of the plant well.

Fertilizer in money plant

If you have mixed compost or vermicompost (from 30% to 40%) in the mixture used for Money Plant, then there is no need to give additional fertilizer in the beginning.

In between you can add Liquid Fertilizer to it, for this mix 1 kg vermi compost and 100 ml cow urine in 10 liters of water and keep it aside for 4-5 days, then you can put this solution on other plants along with money plant. can.

Along with nutrition, this solution will also act as pest control.

Apart from this, you can also sprinkle Epsom Salt once a month. 

Reasons for drying up of money plant :

Over watering can be the main reason for drying of money plant, due to any other reason it is less likely to dry up, it is not attacked by insects.

While watering, keep in mind that there is not enough moisture already present in the pot. If this is the case, do not water it, give water only when the top surface of the soil feels dry.

 How to make money plant thick How to make Pothos Bushier : 

To make money plant or any creeper dense, 3G cutting technique should be used. For this, first of all, pinch the top tip of the 3-4 vines that have come out of your plant, in which at least 4-5 leaves have come.

After this, a new creeper or branch will emerge from the pinching place after a few days, ie when it gets 4-5 leaves, pinch its tip too. This process can be done 2-3 more times.

Money Plant and Vastu / Feng Shui

Money plant is considered very good for your financial health in both Vastu Shastra and Feng Sui, but for this you have to keep it in the right place and in the right direction in the house, otherwise it can harm you instead of profit.



Direction – According to Vastu, the money plant should be placed in the south-east direction of the house, it brings wealth and prosperity to the house, whereas applying it in the north-east can have a negative effect on you.

If the entrance of the house is in the north direction, then he can decorate the money plant like a hanging plant.

It is said that your financial condition will remain the same as the money plant will remain in your house, which means that if you have planted it to make your luck shine, then you have to take care of the following things apart from the direction –


  • Never let the vines of money plant touch the ground. Always keep it upwards.
  • Always keep the dry leaves coming out otherwise your financial condition will also start drying up. This is what Vastu Shastri says.
  • If you keep it indoors then it will be better if you keep it.


By the way, I believe that you should give it a place in your house like a beautiful plant, as well as it will keep cleaning the air of your house, it also brings good luck with it, then it will be icing on the gold, isn't it?

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