How to grow and care chillis in your garden

How to grow and care chillis in your garden

Chilli Plant 

Both green chilies and red chilies are one of the essential vegetables used in the kitchen, red chilies are dried and ground and stored at home and the same green chilies are added to fresh vegetables. If you are fond of eating spicy, then definitely use green chili in vegetables, you get many benefits, such as many beneficial elements like vitamin C and fiber are found in green chili.

 Apart from the digestive system of our body, green chillies are also beneficial for the eyes, bones and teeth, with green chillies you can also avoid winter diseases. We use it daily in vegetables, although it is available to buy in the market, but if you want, you can also grow green chillies in a container or pot in your home and see it well.

In today's article, we will tell you how to take care of green chillies in your home or how to grow green chillies in your garden. If you also want to plant a green chilli plant in your home, then you can make it using the method we have mentioned.

Seeds for growing green peppers

To grow fresh green chillies in your home garden, first you have to buy its best quality seeds. To buy green chilli seeds, you can go to the nearest nursery or buy it at any online grocery store such as Amazon Flipkart or plant orbit .

How to take care of Green Chillies

You can also take good care of green chilies in your home, for this, follow the steps given by us for this.

  • Do not over-water the green chilli pot or container as this can kill or even destroy your green chilli plants.
  • Retain soil moisture in a pot or container of garden grown green peppers Allow the soil to dry out.
  • Add water to the green chilli plants as per the requirement.
  • Keep checking the green chilli plants planted in your garden daily.
  • Place the pot or container of the green chilli plant in a place in the garden that receives at least 5 to 6 hours of sunlight a day.
  • If the green chilli plants planted in your house are not growing, then for this, you should add organic manure or vermicompost in the appropriate amount to the plant.

Process of planting green chili seeds in the garden

If you want to plant green chili in your garden, then for this we are going to tell you the complete method of planting green chili in a pot.

  • To plant a green chilli plant in the garden, first of all, you should take a pot or container or seedling tray of at least 3 inches deep.
  • The pot, seedling tray or container you choose should have good drainage.
  • After this, add useful soil for the green chilli plant in the pot, taking care to keep the pot empty 3 inches from the top.
  • After this, sow 2-3 seeds of green chillies at a depth of 0.5 cm of soil.
  • When sowing chilli seeds, keep a distance of 3 inches between two seeds.
  • After this, put a light layer of soil over the sown seeds.
  • Now sprinkle water over the soil so that the moisture builds up in the soil.
  • After this, when your seeds germinate, then plant the plant in a large container or a large pot.

How long will green chili seeds germinate

Although it takes between 7 to 14 days for green chilli seeds to germinate, but for the seed to germinate, it depends on the surrounding environment and the quality of the beach. Therefore, if the environment around the plant is good and the quality of the middle is good, then the seed will germinate sooner. The temperature for the germination of green chillies should be from 21˚C to 32C.

Fertilizer soil for green chilli plant

It is very important to choose the right soil for green chilli plants to grow well. Plant its plant in loamy soil because this soil is more fertile and has good drainage. The pH value of the soil for green chilli plant should be 6.5 to 7.0. If you want to make the soil more, then for this you can add vermicompost, old dung manure or organic manure.

Right time to plant green chilli

February to March is the best month to plant green chillies. After this, it is very good to plant green chillies between June and July in the rainy season. Because this is the time when the green chilli plant is known to grow well.

Water in green chilli plant

If you have planted a green chilli plant in your garden, then water it regularly, take care not to over water the plant because the chances of getting spoiled by getting too cold increases.

green chilli plant diseases

Various diseases like bacterial leaf spot, pepper mosaic virus, damping off, anthracnose disease, leaf curl disease, chilli blight disease are found in green chilli plant. Which inhibit the growth of plants, in such a situation, you can sprinkle neem oil to protect your green chilli plants from these diseases, along with this you can also get information about some medicines by contacting the nursery.

How long will the chillies be able to break in green chilli plants

For green chilli plant to produce good green chillies, it takes about 60 to 70 days after sowing of seeds. In about 60 to 70 days, you will see good growth in your green chilli plants and you will be able to enjoy your green chillies in vegetables.

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