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Zamioculcas zamifolia called as Zee zee plant ( Zz plant ) . The plant is native to East Africa and can grow in a variety range of climatic condition and best 5 in a cool and moist climates. Leaf color rangers from light green to more darker to emerald green in the letter stage referring to the name as zanziber gem .
It is one of the easy to maintain plant which act as a excellent air purifier for your house like spider plant and sanseveria .

Facts about Zz plant :

Common name : ZZ PLANT
Botanical name : Zamioculcas zamifolia

Sunlight : medium to low light conditions
Soil : well drained soilWater : when soil gets completely dried
Fertilizer : once a month

Issue : rotting because of plant getting overwatered .Sunlight :
It is great if we kept the plant in direct sunlight but not really essential .Zz plant easily survive in bright sunlight windows to the light corners of the rooms . Brighter light and short the plants proper droop good stem and healthier plant while in lower light the growth of the plant is slow the rest time is thin but the plant look good so it’s better to keep the plant in direct sunlight.

Placement :

If the plant is a small place it on the table tops or on the shelves the larger plant are best to keep in corner of the home. The best place to keep your plant is on the bright sunlight on the table either or on the brighter side of your house.

Watering :

The roots of the plant is tubris barber’s roots similar to potato that store moisture through the dry disease this ensure that plant can stay without water for longer days and does good with underwatering and over watering should be avoided . watering should be done in plant when the roots are completely dry and frequency of watering should depend upon the light requirement of the plant.
Every time watering the plant one should properly keep in the mind that the water should gray and out completely of the drainage hole .


Fertilizer should be rich in nitrogen phosphorus and potassium the best fertilizer should be given to plants is worming composed or 19:19 :19 NPK .

Plant problem:

Yellowing lease with the major problem in that set plant because of underwatering or low light exposure or both.

Yellow and leaves with black machine or sometimes due to root rot because of overwatering .

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